Friday, December 6, 2013

thank god for a break

photo diary of my thanksgiving break in new york city.

 i arrived the city on thanksgiving day, after several days of resting in my friend chloe's house. it was nice living in suburban connecticut, not having to be anywhere or do anything for once was such a relief. school gets crazy busy, especially in boarding school; there's always something going on or a deadline to meet. the last week of school is usually where the stress level hits its boiling point. unfortunately for me, i felt so helpless and drained out that i broke down. i was sent to counseling, so that they could "check on me", and make sure that i'm too stressed. to be honest none of that helped, because all i needed the break to come faster. after what seemed like one of the longest waits i have ever experienced, i hopped on that school bus finally relieved that i can get some sleep. 

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