Monday, May 6, 2013

Post-match pms

1. just got my period today, yes. the day which i have a tennis match, the day when i am playing #1 singles on the thirds tennis team.
2. played against a co-ed team, and by co-ed i mean 1 girl and 8 guys.
3. the "co-ed" team was the only tennis team their school has
4. i played against a varsity-level guy
5. he never announced the score and kept losing track of it
6. we almost got into a fight
7. i took panadol for cramps so my legs wouldn't run as fast as they usually did
8. it was a good game
9. i played well and i gained more experience
10 but i still don't think it's fair to play against him
11. girls tennis and guys tennis work very differently
12. end of my numbered story
13. off to bed

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  1. hahaaha frrand i like this post and i love how your posting everyday now :)