Thursday, May 10, 2012


For the past month or so, I have been sticking to my diet plan.
I wouldn't say I'm fat but I would admit that I am average, slightly chubby at places.
I am determined to lose some weight and I expect myself to look healthier and fitter by this summer.
Here's a rough idea of my diet routine:

Breakfast: 0% fat Yoplait yoghurt x 1
                   Weetabix whole grain bar x 1

Lunch: A sandwich with wheat bread (Salmon with melted low-fat cheese/Chicken breast with egg/Tuna with corn/Mushroom, Tomato, Egg omelette/Shrimp with egg)
              Plums (small-sized) x 2

Dinner: Any type of salad/ Steamed egg with broccoli
               Fruits x 1 plate

Monday- 20 Minutes Cardio Workout
Tuesday- 45 Minutes Jogging (4.5km)
Wednesday- 60 Minutes Badminton
Thursday- 20 Minutes Cardio Workout
Friday- 60 Minutes Figure Skating
Saturday- 45 Minutes Jogging (4.5/5km)
Sunday- (leisure) swimming/hiking

I have cut out all sugary/fizzy drinks, so I keep myself hydrated by drinking 2L of water every day.

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome so far, I've noticed some changes around my legs and stomach, my measurements are currently:
Height: 5' 4'' (163 cm)
Weight: 118 lbs (lost 6lbs)
34' 26' 34'

Stay healthy!

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