Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dragon Boat Festival 2013

All dressed up for the Dragon Boat Festival 

Wasn't really helpful since it was also raining, but it looks cool. 

I've missed you 

Had to shelter my camera from the rain

Lunch at the Boathouse with made and sister sludge

Get excited for oysters! 

I call this- "Serenity" 

Frozen yoghurt run

Found this really cool underground bakery, called the Stanley Cave/ Love Bakery

Yesterday was Dragon boat Fest, I decided to go all the way to Stanley to take photos despite the bad weather. It started pouring just as I was about to grab lunch, so I stood under a tent with literally 700 people. Fortunately, it cleared up really soon, and I  went to the Boathouse for lunch.

I picked up my best friend, Samantha, on the way back home for a catchup session.
Love ya Sam.

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