Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thirds Tennis: Off-day

Did adults really drink juice out of straws back in the 80s? because that would look kind of silly if you saw your principle and teachers sit around the table sipping from their juiceboxes/ milk cartons , wouldn't you think?  
good point, Mr. Lyson 

Yeah, you tell it to Miss Bliss

waking-up-at-8:30-on-Tuesdays polaroids

x4/day = 4L of water 

It was clean three days ago, okay.. i tried

It's 7 and it's light out.. Spring time! 
Today was a good day despite the bipolar weather. I had an off-day for tennis so that was relaxing.. I enjoyed a long lunch, and during the lunch i discovered:
1.  honey mustard dressing tastes exactly like wasabi, so i had two salads mmmm
2. zac's invention: to spread a layer of peanut butter inside the sugar cone and then fill it up with chocolate ice cream mmmm (x2) 
After lunch, I went back to my room with Jill and watched about 5 episodes of Saved by the Bell, then decided I should actually do something. Consequently, I went to youtube and did POP Pilates for 30 minutes and went to the gym for another 30. 

Came back, showered and read the book I've recently borrowed from the library.. Will keep you posted but for now i must do some la tarea.. ugh

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