Thursday, May 2, 2013

My hands are dirty, and if my mom saw them she would ask me to wash them right away

I did some art homework today, the general process of printmaking does not make my hands dirty at all. It's the washing that does it. The ink water is stuck in the ridges of my fingerprints and I just don't have the patience to wash my hands for 10 minutes (eh maybe i'll just do it in the shower later). 

I've been doing my math corrections for the past hour now... with no music on and I must say I work at a much faster pace without the distraction of the Black Keys, or Young the Giant (they're still awesome though). 

I have 10 messages on skype that i still have left ignored (I sincerely apologize if you have sent me a message and are currently reading this post), I'm just not feeling like replying right now. 
I promise I will get to you... soon. 

Ugh, tomorrow is going to be a longass day.. looking forward to the 2-day weekend. jes.

p.s. my goal for this month is to blog more
hope you're enjoying reading the thoughts that go on in my brain every day

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