Wednesday, October 24, 2012

what's the point of lying

1: Real (first) Name? cheng

2: Current crush!? don't have 1

3: Addiction? chiddy bang

4: How tall am I? 5'3 halfish '4

5: Relationship status? single and ready for a pringle

6: Girls I trust? natasha, samantha, terri, sabrina, florence, chloe, maddie, nikki, my sister

7: Boys I trust? justin, matthew, adrian, jon

9: Current mood? tired of being tired

10: how many followers?  311

11: Confession 1? i really want these three weeks to go by real fast

12: Who I miss? my nanny and my brother

13: Who I last hugged? dana

14: Who understands me? natasha, samantha, nikki and my sister

15: Someone who is always there for me: mommy and my sister

16: Last Text? the sister sludge

17: someone you cry to? i cry alone and only alone

18: Who makes me laugh the most? my family, esp my dad

19: Who I do the craziest stuff with? i don't do a lot of crazy stuff... but if i did cray shit, it would be with my biffles/cousin/sister

20: Who makes me smile? matthew

21: What am i listening to? the summer set

22: Turn on’s? sense of humor

23: Turn offs? crocs with socks

24. Bestfriends? natasha, samantha, terri, justin, matthew

26: Second confession? i don't want to be asked to homecoming by anyone

27: What I hate? eating risky fruit, namely watermelons and eating celery

28: Last person to give you butterflies?  the guy from nevershoutnever

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