Friday, October 26, 2012


I was hit in the ball by a face.
Wait no. 
I was hit in the face by a ball. 
Yes, that makes more sense.. even though.. not really.

I'm still a bit confused right now and I don't think I've completely recovered.
I went to the trainer's and they made me recite the months of the year backwards. 
Then they came to a conclusion that
I had a minor concussion.

"Go back to your room, don't use the computer, don't read, don't text, just relax."
Alright, that's cool too. 

So I lied on my bed and ate my usual brinner (Oatmeal and cereal) and stared at the ceiling. 
Thank god for my amazing friends who came over and hung out with me, otherwise I would have literally died of boredom. 

Ok, can't stare at the screen any longer. 
My head is starting to pound now.
Off to bed, see you tomorrow.. hopefully. 


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