Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hey guys! I'm back from my annual trip to Whistler, BC, where I spent my Chinese New Year holiday. Here are a few photos from the trip. Unfortunately, my brother couldn't join us because he had a soccer tournament. Ah well, it's good that I had my sister with me.

I've got good news: I can move my neck now! Ha..
But my back is still really sore.. I have already put the muscle relief pain cream but it still stings.. I guess that's the price I have to pay to have fun (Ski for 4 days + Snowboard for 4 days) under great snow conditions!

Whistler was so much fun. I have to thank my parents for making this possible again! And my sister, my friends who were there with me. (I still miss you, flo hehe)
School is tomorrow - boy oh boy am I going to miss the powder-covered mountains and "the Big Bang Theory marathons" in the afternoons.

Time to rest up,
Have I mentioned that Jet lag SUCKS?! IT @#$%^&* SUCKS.

girl whose about to fall asleep (it's 7PM) geez.

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