Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ski trip!

Day #1
I have arrived! -Whistler, whistler, whistler. I come here every year during Chinese New Year holiday, and this will be my eleventh. What do I do here? Same routine as every year:
Ski/snowboard full day from (9am-3pm)
Hot choco sesh & chilling on the couch while watching whatever is on TV (Big Bang Theory, 17 Again, Fame)
Hot tub with my friends
Dinner/ a walk around Whistler Village

Snow condition: good; weather condition?very foggy.
Cross my fingers and hope that the fog will clear up the next few days so every one can enjoy the fresh powder and sun!

P.S. It's Chinese New Year's Eve tonight. I wish every one a happy and healthy Dragon year!

With love from Whistler, CA

My jetlag has somehow gotten worse. I woke up at 5am and went back to sleep an hour later. DAMN.
It's New Year's day today in China.. so.. Xin Nian Kuai Le everybody!
Fortunately, the weather has cleared up today so I got to go to the trails on the upper part of Blackcomb.
Highlights of the day:
-brought my dad to an off-trail
-almost killed myself by hopping off a cliff
-almost fell into a hole (I should probably ski a little slower)
What else.. what else..
oh i guess that's about it.

My friends came over for dinner and we had a puzzle sesh..
It was so complicated we literally started to lose consciousness in the end.
Skiing with my friends tomorrow. I can't wait for an even better day!

Movie night with mum now. (We've got warm milk and cookies)

You know those mornings when everything seems blurry and your head is spinning? Well, I had that feeling and when I was brushing my teeth my head was spinning non-stop. And I passed out. My mom woke me by feeding me extra-sweetened grape juice. I recovered after a long break, then went skiing with my friends after lunch.
My silly friend, Daniel is a crazy skier. He is legitimately unstoppable, but he makes the ski trips much more fun.
After skiing, I spent the rest of the afternoon in the W village and dinner at Caaaaaaramba!

Day #4
Same  ol' same ol'
Homecooked meal with le familia.

Last night was the worst night ever! I could NOT sleep at all, well, I did, but only for four hours. I switched to snowboarding today but I tired myself out. Now, I can barely feel my legs and I'm getting kind of cranky.
I don't know if I can continue to HIT THE SLOPES tomorrow but I'll try my best to get some sleep tonight.

Sister Sludge has arrived- went to Sachi for dinner, mmm-
completely worn-out,

Stiff neck, can't move.
On bed rest for the whole day and dinner at Sidecut

Back boardin'
Hurt myself
Oh well, last day tomorrow

I'm paralyzed!
Can't move.
The ten hour flight home is going to be excruciating... looking forward to it. (dial up+852)

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