Sunday, February 2, 2014

happy chinese new year!!11!11!!!!!

i'm just going to type it in this note because i'm too lazy to go downstairs and wake yaya. I'm in whistler right now, sitting at the computer desk. the sun isn't out yet, but the sky is in the most beautiful milky pink color. wizard chair has started running, even though there are no skiers yet. my trip over here was one of the worst experiences i've had with traveling alone. i thought it was going to be smooth sail when i got to jfk: i had self-checked in (no check in luggage, yes!), got both of my boarding passes for the one to seattle and the one from seattle to vancouver. but when i got to the gate, they told us that there is going to be a delay due to the lack of crew members. By lacking, they mean none. They kept comforting the impatient passengers with the fact that they have a ready plane and pilots. THere was just a tiny problem, there are no flight attendants. So, they delayed the flight by two hours, which meant that i was going to miss my transit to vancouver by 20 minutes. Well, FUCK YOU delta airlines. after sitting through the most boring 6 hours of my life, i waited in seattle airport for another 3. I made the best out of it and finished most of my application for semester school in spring 2015 (i just have to finish the final essay on the way back). Thank god that my mum found me another flight to Vancouver. Otherwise, I would have slept in the airport. I decided to check with the flight attendants that I am actually on the flight to Vancouver 30 minutes before boarding. 

I wasn't. 


"Sorry miss, we already have a full flight. However, if you don't mind sitting at the exit seat i can put you on this plane." Those were the exact words of the man who saved his own life before i had the chance to murder him. I don't care if it's the exit seat; I won't even care if you strap me on top of the airplane, as long as you get me to Vancouver. 
My loving dad drove all the way to the airport to pick me up, and spared me to have to take the sketchy shuttle buses at 3 am in the morning. 

Which brings me here- Whistler. I love this place. Skiing makes me so happy and refreshed. I've been so anxious and feverish about everything in school, and the snowy mountains has managed to calm me down. 

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