Saturday, June 15, 2013

"It's raining cats and dogs but I went for a maxi dress anyways"

Denim shirt- local boutique

Necklace from Accessorize
Braided leather belt from Tommy Hilfiger

Leather Sandals from American Eagle
Anklet from local boutique
Just like the weather here in hong kong, I have been very consistent with updating my blog. I've been spending most of my time baking, painting, and working out. My newly/re- found interests include watching vlogs on youtube, making banana bread, walking along supermarket aisles aimlessly, yoga (especially handstands), sketching on my new A3 Sketchpad... 
I know most of my friends are at home, sleeping in, being a couch potato. The thought of that sounds really relaxing but it's not for me. I'd rather be up and about doing something/anything, except for nothing. 


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