Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday afternoon

the pinapple
sharon cheng, 16

rough sketch 
i still haven't saved up enough money to invest in a really good set of acrylic colors. i used poster colors instead (if my art teacher is reading this right now, i apologize please don't kill me). p.s. i forgot how to blend "acrylic" paint forgive me i'm a sinner (high school studio art is so restricting, it's should be called studio crafts)

(THIS IS OVEREXPOSED i apologize again)
iScream for iceCream
poster paint & watercolor
sharon cheng, 16
After lunch with my cousin and my sister at one of my favorite coffee shops, I planned on going home to workout (swimming, jogging, cardio, etc etc.). But the bad weather was a huge turnoff, so I decided to paint. Friday afternoon was the most productive day of my summer yet. 


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