Monday, June 3, 2013

1 down, 3 more to go

Not going to lie but I must say that this is a quality song. 

I just had my first day of finals today, I made a really careless mistake on one question but I'm not going to beat myself over it because my mom always tells me that what has been done, has been done. It's a waste of time crying about it. 
I love the feeling right after I have finished an exam, it's so refreshing as if (excuse the clich√©) someone has lifted a rock from my shoulders. 

I spent the rest of the day watching terrible youtube videos and buying food from the snack bar with teniola studying for spanish. I just went to the review session and I was that annoying kid who shouted out all the answers without giving anyone a chance to answer because i was so excited that i recognized the material. 

2 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are we there yet #summer

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