Thursday, May 23, 2013

Please Eat Something, Anything.

It's the end of may, which means that we are approaching summer bikini season. People are getting self-conscious and they want to look good  like vs/ abercrombie models. They feel like they have gained weight over winter and this is the time to shed the excess weight. However, a lot of these people (including me) started off with the wrong approach to weight loss. We feel that the fastest way to lose weight is to eat healthier and less food nothing. At first, you feel great. You start off to healthier options like salads, then you decrease the portions of salads. After while when you get tired of eating tasty tasteless salads, you're not hungry anymore. 

"The less I eat, the less I crave" 
"I'm not hungry" 
"I ate so much"

The grumbling noise that your stomach makes is good, you tell yourself. Sleeping with an empty stomach eventually becomes a comforting feeling. (I know, it's twisted). 

You hate eating with large groups of people, especially when you have to share food. The scariest thing anyone could say to you is "Have a bite of this/Try it it's really good""I'm going to kill you"

I'm bringing up this subject because over the past year, 3 of my friends have had/currently have eating disorders. It has been a major worry for me seeing them in such a condition. Eating disorders aren't issues about food, it's a mental disorder. I hate seeing you guys getting wearier by the day, seeing you guys do this to your bodies. It's not healthy. Being skinny isn't worth it if it costs your friends, your energy, your academic performance, your relationship with parents, your health, your favorite food items... Please, for the love of everyone who cares and loves you dearly, please eat something. 

Count nutrition, not calories. 
If you want learn more about my experience, and how I recovered from it please email me at

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