Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day: to all the great mothers in the world, this one's for you

all photos from Tumblr

A card for my lovely mothers' 

Of Mother, Grandmother, Sister sludge, and me, Christmas 2012

Too much love that I cannot possibly put into words. There's just so much to thank. Thank you for all the time, the patience, the effort you put in us silly teenagers. Dealing with our bullshit and occassional PMS, you guys could not have done a better job. I'm so grateful so have someone to vent to, someone who understand and actually gives constructive feedback. There were definitely times where we got mad at one another, but that's what makes us mother and daughter.
I miss you all so much 婆, 媽, and Mom
Can't wait to see you all in less than a month!

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