Thursday, May 2, 2013

But it's so nice out..

Besides of the fact that Litszomania by Pheonix (yes, just bought their album) is stuck on replay for the past hour, and that my stomach is on the verge of exploding because they had roast turkey in the dining hall today.. I'm having an average day 
1st period- Spanish teacher made us sit outside and write about our Spring Holiday for five minutes (why didn't we just stay indoors, five minutes is enough for me to not want to leave) 

2nd period- free block where i planned to finish my science lab report, but went shopping on iTunes instead. iTunes rejected my credit card and i forgot my security code so that was great.

3rd period- double science.. and also one of the most confusing science classes i have ever had here. My teacher, who had a cold and just lost her voice, tried to explain it to us (without her voice) which made it all that more confusing and made everyone want to burn ourselves with the bunsen burners. 

lunch- had a turkey salad with avocado. I actually lined up for hot food, I would do anything for turkey and avocado. 

Now i have to stick through two more periods of humanities and then.. the joys of finishing my homework.. 


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