Wednesday, May 29, 2013

7 left

I came back from my relaxing weekend from new york city feeling energized and recuperated. But it's only been 2 days of school after the weekend, and I'm already desperately looking forward to get out of here.

You must know that even as I say that I want to get out of here, I say it with much love. I love this school and I am so lucky to be here. But it's too much to take in sometimes. For those dayschoolers, just imagine being with the people in your school from day to night. Their the first people you see/talk to when you wake up, and they're the last people you see/talk to when you go to sleep (counting the people you don't favor as much). It drives people mad. I like having my 'me' time, and I'm sure most of us here would agree, which is why I chose to spend nyc alone for memorial day weekend. I enjoyed every second of it.

ZAP there goes the lightening.
Love it when it's raining, and I'm all comfy and cozy in my bed watching Scrubs.

I'm done with homework for the night.
My humanities teacher assigned us our final project today
"It is the responsibility of human beings to improve the society as far as possible"

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  1. 1 month until china with ur bestest friend in da world ;D