Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunshine through the dining hall window

It's second period, I'm sitting in the dining hall alone, contently sipping tea because I have just finished my science homework. We're learning about electricity and my project was called "John Travoltage" (oh the things they invent to keep us (21st century kids) entertained).
The sky has cleared up, unlike yesterday when the fog was suffocating us, and the sun is shining through the window. Somehow, I feel complete. Everything is perfect right now, the way my cup is sitting on the right side of my computer, the way Hot Chelle Rae sings (hate to love em), the fact that I have finished all my homework for the day, the pleasant surprise that my spanish teacher didn't assign us another quiz tomorrow..

Thank you God, I'm never going to realize how lucky I am. But I'm trying and I thank you.
I thank you for this beautiful day, for giving me such wonderful parents, for giving me everything I have.

With love,

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