Monday, October 15, 2012

Time flies, when you're having fun?

October 15th. I can't believe the last time since my last post has been about a month ago. That's crazy. Time flew by. Every day has the same routine: wake up, classes, soccer practice, art studio, free time, study hall, sleep.
Classes aren't that bad. My favorite subject is still visual arts.
My English teacher is 'kray 4 Shakespeare'. He makes the class so much more interesting because he is actually passionate about the literature at hand, unlike teachers from my old school.
My History teacher is actually the craziest teacher I've ever had. She constantly picks on this kid and only this kid in my class, it's really funny (not for the kid, but for the rest of us).
Science, Math same ol' same ol'... Nothing that interests me in particular.
The class I'm having most trouble with is la clase de EspaƱol. I'm trying my best and I hope that's what it counts.

So far, I am enjoying soccer a lot. I play starter side defense and I must admit that I'm not that bad. The only thing is that I get over-aggressive during games and I usually end up injured.. oops.

To be honest, yes, I am physically and mentally exhausted. But I've been to the lowest point before and I know that I am far from it. I will survive.

Parents Weekend in 4 days. New York City, I miss you!

P.s. Will be uploading photos from past month of life in school after this post.


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