Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christian and I know it

You might not know, but I go to a Christian school. We have a class called 'Religious Studies' where ....the title explains it all. 
This recent project is due, well, tomorrow. But I've managed to finish(my part). 
While I was gone for a cup of water, my mom and my brother decided to have a little fun with my project. 
My original (finished) product

Hipster Bob(as in the builder) , wrapped in tissue paper
-One of mom's creations

Mom and brother's (finished) "improved" version 
Nonetheless, I love God. I believe that he created us, and this beautiful world.
Something I remind myself every day -Count your blessings, be thankful for everything that has happened to you, and learn to appreciate everyone around you, because you're lucky enough.

#Bible #Love


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