Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I can't believe it,
my violin exam is TOMORROW!

I'm so nervous,
I can't sleep.
Even though I'm tired as heck.
Or shall I say, "I am like a limp dishrag"

I learnt that in school today,
Oh my mom is so proud.

Every night before any public exam, I get nightmares:
I fail the exam and
I get sent to jail.
But obviously, I don't.
So stop playing tricks on me, silly mind.

Wish all of this would end,
I don't like this feeling,
I feel so uncomfortable,
like I'm tied onto a chair, and someone is about to poke me with a giant needle,
but that someone isn't doing it fast, that someone is slowly, millimeter by millimeter, pushing the needle slowly towards me.

So...wish me luck tonight... AND tomorrow.

-(a very nervous)SHHARON

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