Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From now on, it's a one woman show

My last relationship didn't end well. But that doesn't matter.
I'm just hoping for a better guy to come along.
But if he doesn't show up,
then that's alright too.
It's not my time to worry now.

I'm so sick and tired of seeing guys treating girls like crap.
The saddest part is that, these girls still stay with these jerks they call boyfriends, because they are worried that these jerks might get mad at them.
To me, ^ is absolutely crazy talk. So what if they get mad? What's the worse that can happen? If they want to break up then well that's up to them. -It's their lost.
Sometimes, I wish I could just run up to them and grab their shoulders and start shaking some sense into them...I mean I could, but it would be...weird.

Besides, I have to focus on my work and other stuff like that. (yay)
God, I really hope this year will go by fast.

This year will be fine, I say to myself reassuringly.

Nevertheless, I still love Nat Wolff with all my heart, forever and always.


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