Thursday, September 8, 2011


You know those moments when you feel completely exhausted of life, those moments when you just want to punch everything you see, slap yourself in the face really hard, punch your stomach? No? Okay, well that's how I feel right now.

It's like nothing's going the right way.

At home, I'm always being compared to my siblings, because they're better at sports. In school, I'm just an average student.
I don't like being compared to, as much as I don't like comparing people.

What is there to compare about?

Everybody's different. So what if someone isn't good at sports? So what if they're not good at music?
If you've never been compared to by anyone in your life, the feeling is like,
Being dunked into a trash can full of nasty year old dried fish, with the words CRAP carved onto your forehead, over and over again. Recurring eternally.

So I'm not the skinniest person,  but I'm not unheathily fat either. I eat oatmeal, fruits, vegetables. I do sports few times a week. I don't enjoy fast food, but I do eat it occasionally. Then what's wrong with me, or what's wrong with them? The people 'strongly suggest' (a.k.a. force) me to lose some weight?

So I don't win the most awards, but I don't sit at home every day doing nothing. A lot of my family members say that I always waste time at home,  on my computer, always in my room, wasting time idly. Just because I work at home, does not mean that I'm just chilling at home everyday. I draw at home, I sketch, I do my homework, I study- I just feel more comfortable learning in my own surroundings.
The other thing is I don't like being in competitions, all through primary school, I competed in speech, writing, painting, running, music competitions. I wasn't force to join these competitions, I just did it.
And even if I won, I wouldn't feel extra excited. I wouldn't go around showing everybody what I won. I wouldn't even bother bringing it up in family dinners.

What's the point?

Maybe it is to you. But this is me, I don't get why it's a big deal.

I believe that everyone is different. People shouldn't be compared. Because, again.

Why should they be?


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