Friday, August 19, 2011


Yeah Team AKlone!

Quantum Writing anyone?

Kung Fu Krispy Kremes-slash-Team K FTW

Fake brother, Derrin

The Crew

SWAG (a.k.a. Something We Asians Got) 

best roommate, Lisa

awkward friends 

Lisa: What is this?
Derrin: It's a meatball, but made of fish
Lisa: So isn't that just a fishball then?
Derrin: NO! It's a MEATBALL, but made of FISH
Me: Yea bro, that makes it a FISHBALL
Derrin: Kay fine, It's a meatfishball.

Cool story about meatfishball, bro'z.

1 2 1 2 WHAT.... WHOOSH

Every day we're shufflin'....BARBRA STREISAND.

Late night talks with roomie; laughing too hard at meals, Getting mad at Quincy for no reason; Watching boys compare their pet rocks, and my pet JELLYFISH;  Gabby, Celi, Steph discovering peanut butter and devouring their pb sammies; Split-slash-Rockn'Papern'Scissors game at breaks; Giving Bryan a hard time in activities period by forcing him to do the splits,
Soo many memories,
Too many memories,


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