Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Biffle for liffle, Natasha

...Where dreams come true.
After spending the whole morning in the studio, I decided to take a break and join my girls to Disneyland. It wasn't that packed so it was okay. Thanks to the heroic orange popsicle, and the occasional breeze,  the weather didn't seem that hot..

Favorite Disney Movie?
Lion King

'nuff said.

Favorite Disney Characters?
Disney Princesses

When I was a kid, as in a toddler, I always dressed up as different Disney princesses. I had these Cinderella ''glass'' (plastic) slippers, which I wore to every family dinner. My green glittery pencil skirt, sorry Ariel, I stole your look. My Snow White talking mirror, yes, it scared me before, still scares me now.
My Tinkerbell swimsuit (not that Tinkerbell is a princess, but yeah)

I like Disneyland.

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